SaratoGa Community Preschool


We know that young children learn through their experiences and that each child is born with his or her own innate sense of self, learning style and way of thinking. We believe that by providing a balance of play-based, child-centered opportunities in addition to well-planned, structured, teacher-directed activities for a child’s personality to truly emerge. 

By offering young children experiences that are playful, productive, varied, intentional and purposeful both alone and in groups, each child can find meaning as they begin to construct an understanding of the world they live in and their place in it. We greatly value the relationships children build with their schoolmates and teachers as they engage in our school. 

We feel it is vital to build deep relationships as it helps children feel their efforts are important as well as socially connected to others. These relationships extend to each child’s family for we believe that we must support families by helping them better understand early childhood development as well as ongoing process of parenting.