Summer 2017

Summer Play Group 2.9-5+ years
Parent Participation
Tu,W,Th   9:00-11:30 am 

5/30-6/22            $475 (4 weeks)

            5/30-6/8           $240 (2 weeks)             

                6/13-6/22           $240 (2 weeks)                 

Kinderclub: 18mo-3 years 
"Mommy and me style"
M  6/5-6/19  3 meetings 9:30-11:30  $90
F 6/2-6/23 4 meetings    9:30-11:30  $120

Summer Happening 2.9-5+ years

Tu,W,Th  9-11:30

7/5-7/27        $475 (4 weeks)
7/5- 7/13       $240 (2 weeks)

7/18-7//27         $240 (2weeks)

Kinderclub 18mo-3 years 
"Mommy and me style"
M 7/10-7/24  9:30-11:00 3 sessions  $90
F 7/7-7/28   9:30-11:00  4 sessions $120


In our popular Kinder Club Program, we focus on ideas and activities that nurture the creative, social, emotional. and physical growth of the child. Moms or caretakers are asked to stay with their children in this parent participation class. Class size is limited to 15 and you must make other arrangements for siblings that cannot be carried in a back or front pack. All material costs are included in the registration fee. Waitlists will be established for full classes and you will be notified if you are not placed in your first choice. Make-up classes within a session are available as space permits. 

18months-3 yrs; Mondays and/or Fridays 9:30-11:00 

Summer Sessions (There are 3 Monday's and 4 Friday's in June and July )       

June 2nd- June 23rd $90/$120

July 10th- July 28th $90/$120

Fall Session (13 Classes)   NO  CLASS: 10/9, 11/10, 11/20, 11/24

  Sept 10 - Dec 18th  $390

This popular developmental program runs 9 months, September through May. Our philosophy is that play is of utmost importance, encouraging 

the child to be involved in what interests them most. Activities are 

developed around the changing seasons integrating the environment, 

world cultures, and traditions through songs, games, cooking projects and outdoor play. In these activities, children are developing skills

in language arts, mathematics, science, music and movement.

Saratoga Community Preschool is a parent participation program,
where parents and caregivers volunteer in the classroom for a minimum

of two days per month. There is a maximum of 22 children in both sections.

In order to reserve your spot for the upcoming school year.

We have a non-refundable deposit of  $100 registration fee

and first months tuition.

We have two class options available: some students sign up for both
2.9-5 yrs Tu,W, TH  9:00-11:30am $475/month

2.9-5yrs Tu, W, TH 11:45am-2:15pm $475/month

We have a 30-day withdrawal policy




Saratoga Community