Ms Marianne  Retired but still involved

Marianne Swan Ed.D. was born and raised in the Netherlands. In 1968 she graduated from Pedagogische Academie St. Lucia in Rotterdam, with a Masters Degree in Education. 

Captivated by the social, emotional and cognitive development of her first child, Dr. Swan became focused on that age group. In 1986 she earned a doctorate in Early Childhood Development from Nova University, Florida. 

When her last two children were born, she created the Mommy and Me program called Kinder Club at the Saratoga Community Center, for children 18 to 36 months.

1n 1991 she proposed a multi-cultural integrated program to the City Council of Saratoga, and with their blessing, Dr. Swan started a parent participation developmental preschool program for children ages three to five.

In her spare time Marianne is dedicated to her yoga practice, hiking with family, and spending time with her grandchildren (even the furry four-legged kind). 

SaratoGa Community Preschool


Ms Olivia

Olivia Griswold M.Ed. was born and raised here in Saratoga. She attended school in San Luis Obispo and received her Teaching Credentials and Director Site Supervisor Permit from the State of California.

Olivia received her B.A. in Child Development, and her Masters in Special Education, with emphasis in Sensory Integration, from San José State University.

Over the years Olivia has spent time working in the preschool, teaching first and second grade, as well as working one-on-one with families and their children with special needs. 

Olivia is passionate about providing families with support when transitioning their child into kindergarten, as well as providing guidance during other tough transitions. 

Along with teaching, Olivia works with horses, training teams and individuals in Equestrian Vaulting. This sport has taught her the balance of patience, teamwork, and positive approaches, which she has been able to apply to her everyday life.